Power 100 uses a panel of expert judges in each of its categories. These Judges are independent of the Power 100 research team and they provide peer group verification on those shortlisted to be included within the final Power 100 list.
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The Power 100 team of researchers are extraordinarily knowledgeable on various spheres within the public and private sector. From national and international influencers through to the inner workings of the civil service and Whitehall, the team has special access to the leading figures in Parliament and is privileged to information from the most informed sources within all sectors and industries across Britain and beyond.

Participation within The Muslim 100 is based on a number of criteria. Those invited to be included within the Power list are primarily people who, either through position or personality exercise a significant power that influences events & sets parameters in the conduct of their organisation, the climate of political debate & the shaping of new ideas.

This second edition of the Muslim Power list has a decided focus, firstly the national figures who are widely known such as Imam Qasim, Sadiq Khan, Mo Farrah, Nadiya Hussein, and James Caan etc, then those elected to Parliament & maybe controversially those non-elected public sector officials.

The final powerbrokers and influencers list will also include entrepreneurs, charity workers, journalists, healthcare and education sectors and then most importantly, Generation M, the influential young Muslims tearing up the rule books and using social media and blogging to make a huge impact within their world thereby changing the perceptions of the UK’s biggest brands towards the value of the Muslim pound.