Power 100 uses a panel of expert judges in each of its categories. These Judges are independent of the Power 100 research team and they provide peer group verification on those shortlisted to be included within the final Power 100 list.
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The Muslim 100 Powerlist will be one of the most important events of its kind ever to be staged which will honour only the very highest levels of achievement from within the international Muslim community and positively promote the outstanding contribution made by Muslim men & women on a local, national and international level.

A pioneering, unique and prestigious initiative, The Muslim 100 names will include British based Muslim Powerbrokers and the Global Muslim men and women of influence from many Muslim countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Malaysia etc.

The Muslim 100 will be launched at a star studded gala dinner in Central London . This is the second time ever that such an initiative is being held in Britain, and will, without doubt, catch the attention of the local, national and international media. Over 1,000 influential decision makers will be in attendance to witness the launch of The Muslim 100. This will be an evening unlike any other and will herald a new era for Muslims across the World.

The final Muslim 100 names will be published in a very high quality publication, The Power 100 Parliamentary Report. On the night of the inaugural Muslim 100 event we will also be presenting a special award to fifteen outstanding individuals selected from within The Muslim 100 list.


The State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17 published by Thomson Reuters estimates that the Islamic Economy was worth $1.9 trillion in 2015 and growing. In 2010, the global Muslim population was 1.6 billion people. By 2050 it is expected to reach 2.8 billion, a quarter of the world’s population. One third of Muslims are under 15, Two-thirds are under 30. Through their sheer numbers, their growing middle-class stature and with global Muslim consumer spending expected to rise to $2.6 trillion by 2020 there is a big opportunity for UK brands keen to tap into the Muslim pound.

The UK’s Muslim population is now running at 3.1 million people, including 1.1 million in London alone.  The size of the Muslim middle class is forecast to triple by 2030 and young Muslims are now the fastest growing demographic group in the UK.  As a result businesses are increasingly recognizing the substantial value of the Muslim pound. It is estimated that the Muslim market is worth £20.5bn a year to UK retailers and Muslim contribution to Britain’s GDP is over £31 Billion.

London already has plenty of financial success stories among its Muslim residents and visitors, with over 10,000 Muslim millionaires and with liquid assets of more than £3.6 billion. There are 13,400 Muslim-owned businesses in London alone creating more than 70,000 jobs and representing just over 33 per cent of Small to Medium Enterprises in London.  There are more than 15 Muslims in the Sunday Times Rich List, including tycoons of retail, hospitality and finance, but the cast of characters helping the UK to get super rich is much wider.

It is only a matter of time before more brands reach out to British Muslims as well as the many Muslim tourists who visit the UK from the Gulf.  Arab tourists from Saudi & the UAE are spending £2000 in London’s priciest stores with May to September showing an 11% rise in sales due to wealthy Arabs in the capital spending over £200 million each year.  Arab customers have proved that they are a powerful buying force and if targeted adequately can produce fantastic returns.  It is estimated that shoppers from the Gulf states spend more than any other country, with Middle Eastern visitors spending an average £152.40 per transaction according to Worldpay.   Qatar tops the list with shoppers spending an average £288.17 on each trip to the till, followed by the Saudis who spend £199.87 and shoppers from the United Arab Emirates spending £188.29.

Last year, spend by Muslim shoppers was up 43% for the period and as retailers and hotels improve their services to accommodate them by bringing in Arabic-speaking staff and learning their culture and customs.  The UK is becoming an increasingly appealing shopping destination for Muslim tourists.

According to Knight Frank’s 2017 Wealth Report, the number of high net worth individuals worldwide, including the Middle East, has jumped by 42 percent in the last decade and these rich men and women are looking to the UK to invest, spend and educate their children.

The Knight Frank survey also stated that the UK is set to become especially attractive to the internationally wealthy as a result of the fallen value of the pound. And it’s not just luxury labels which benefit. Mintel Report have stated that any retailer with a quintessentially British brand is likely to do well. Brands that have British provenance appeal to overseas visitors.

The British Publishing Company will be launching the second edition of the Muslim 100 Parliamentary Report publication which will bring together, through the listing of the 100 most influential Muslim men and women,  the Muslim rich list, Muslim corporate 100, the banking and Islamic finance game changers, policy makers, media and cultural icons, educators, political leaders and trailblazers

The publication is of the highest quality of design and print and is silver foiled on the front and back covers. It is distributed widely to all members of Parliament and beyond in both digital and e-format.